3 Free Apps Every New Mum Should Have

Do you use apps for your daily life? Are there parenting apps that you love? These are the apps that I used when I had a newborn. The good thing about all of these, is the price – FREE, so you have nothing to lose in trying them out, if you have a new baby.

1.Baby Feed
This App is every new mums best friend. Well, it was mine anyway an dI found it so useful, I recommend it to new mums. It helps you record baby’s feeds, when they’ve been changed and their sleep times and patterns, too. If you’re like me and your memory was soo bad with lack of sleep as a new mum, this app acts as a perfect reminder for when you last fed the baby, and it will remind you when the next feed is due, which breast you last fed from, how many ounces baby ate (if bottle fed) etc.
It can also show you daily, weekly, monthly averages, based on information you put in. You can also use it to store information on your baby’s growth, if you’re tracking abby’s weight gain. You can download it on another phone too, so if Grandma sometimes watches your baby she can just enter the information she has observed into her own app synced with yours. It can put the information into graphs and allows you to export it to your email too.

If someone said to me, you can only recommend one app, just one, it would be this one!

2.Sound Sleeper
This app plays out white noise which can help your new born baby fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer. White noise is just a fancy way of saying background noise. The app has different types of sounds you can choose from: ocean, hair dryer, market, pond, car ride, shhhhhh and I’m sure you get the gist!

The whole idea of playing white noise for new borns is to help them adjust during the fourth trimester – their first three months of life. The experts say that it was not quiet in the womb for baby – mum’s blood was sloshing about and Mum made noise by talking, and moving around, too, apparently it is noisy in there. Newborns can find this background noise to be very soothing (and gently ease them into a nice sleep), the same way many babies enjoy being in water and sometimes even fall asleep in it – it reminds them of happy days (haha) in womb. It can also help babies cry less, reduce their stress and reduce their risk of SIDs.

I used the white noise as part of my little one’s nap and night time sleep routine. We used it a few times a day, to the point I believed that when she heard the ocean noise, it confirmed to her (she was already drowsy at this point), that it was sleep time and she would usually fall asleep minutes after it came on.

This App only plays the sound for 30 minutes. If you want it to play for a full hour or more, you have to pay for an upgrade to the full version of the app – which I eventually did, but you may find you don’t need to. There are also white noise machines that you can buy for baby, check Amazon or ask at your local baby store.

3. Tiny beans
This one was recommended to me by one of the Mums I met an antenatal classes.It comes up as a calendar style and the idea is that you take a picture each day and fill up the days in each month with a new picture. You can put in comments with the pictures too and then share the photos with friends, family or even your partner while he is at work. It can remind you daily, at a certain time, to take a picture of your child.
Another feature this app has is a milestones tick list, so you can record the date you noticed your baby’s first words, first steps etc. It lists out the main skills under five categories – social, fine motor, speech & language, gross motor and cognitive etc and then you can put in the information you observe as your baby completes it. I found the list pretty long, but if you enjoy memory keeping, it is fantastic for that.

I know apps are the future, but personally, I like to limit how many apps I’m downloading and using. I am trying to reduce time on my phone, period. But at the same time, they can really save time and be useful – I think all three above are. So its a balancing act. Do you use any of these apps? And what Apps or routines did you find useful in your first months with baby?

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