The Back-at-work Blues & 5 Ways to Cheat it

No matter how ‘fun’ your job is, the first days back at work, after a relaxing time off, can be difficult.

Typically, motivation and productivity are low.

For some of us, the idea of hours straight without the children after so long starts with a ‘yes’ feeling. But as you watch the hundreds of emails roll in and the piles of paperwork awaiting you become visible, you may start to sing a different tune.

Use these tips to bounce back after any holiday, particularly those romantic getaways, the type where you actually got rest and relaxation on (or maybe not that much rest… wink wink).


Return to work mid-week

I call this the ‘easing-yourself-in-gently’ technique.

Starting back at work on any day apartfrom Monday, makes the week a little bit shorter.

It also gives you a chance to get back into the work routine and temperament, slowly.


Do the hard stuff first

Thanks to human nature, we all want to do the things we enjoy doing most, first. Then you procrastinate about the more annoying stuff, and subconsciously hope it goes away. Most times it doesn’t go away.

The work we like to procrastinate about is boring, monotonous, not to our strengths or just not fun to do. When I was in corporate world, the hard stuff included things like: doing my time sheets (I did client work), archiving work that had been done (involved chasing people), speaking to the client to chase my requests (who else hates bothering other people?).

Well, apparently we should save ourselves the hassle by doing the harder or more boring work, first!


Make a list

Create a to-do list. Tick things off your handwritten (preferably) to-do list. You’ll feel like you’re getting things done.

The mind is a powerful tool!


Don’t over estimate/ over stretch yourself

Get realistic and work it out, realistically, how much you can get done in those first few days? And then concentrate on doing a good job on those three of four tasks. Only three or four.

If you try to out-do yourself, you might get overwhelmed in the process. I for one hate a long to do list. Apparently, by concentrating on those few tasks that are achievable or that progress can be made on, you get a more satisfying feeling.


Schedule a treat

It could be ice-cream, your favourite meal, a catch-up with friends or TV – plan an end-of-the-week treat.

Schedule something for the end of the week, so you have something to look forward to. This will help you stay motivated and make getting to the end as productively as you can, even more worth it (hopefully).


Bonus point – just allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Do your best!

It is totally normal to go in the first couple of days and just not be ‘feeling it’. Do not feel bad. Dust off the guilt; chances are your boss (or employees) feel exactly the same way you do.

The objective is to get through the day and if you achieve a few things along the way, too (you will, you will), then GOOD!

Ladies, even reading this now, In January, after my first two weeks back at work has been a lesson. I’m actually already feeling like I need another couple of days of TLC. I have had a cough, now getting a cold, but mehn, things can only get better!


 How did you deal with getting back to work after summer holidays or even the long Sallah weekend just passed? What tricks did you use?

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