A Natural & Intimate Engagement Shoot – I Love this!


I love looking at images of engagement shoots, and I love these photos, but first I wanted to share a few thoughts on the Nigerian wedding scene in general.

The wedding industry in Nigeria continues to grow from strength to strength. Florists, wedding planners, bridal shower organisers, shower props designers, make-up artists (or MUAs, as they’re often called), wedding invitation experts, made-in-nigeria bridal outfitters, aso-oke makers and photographers – I could go on.

If you need your make-up done tomorrow the price is N10,000, if you need your make-up for your wedding day done, also tomorrow, the price multiplies to N250,000.

I still do not understand how that works, but I admire those benefitting. To be fair, the same goes for weddings abroad too – the price multiplies once it becomes clear the service is for a wedding.  The Nigerian wedding industry has spurred so many supporting businesses and I always joke that I’m yet to find my wedding hustle because it seems to be a money maker for many players, too! I don’t know how true that is – do you think just a small handful are benefitting or a great number?

Anyway, engagement shoots are one of the popular images of weddings we see on social media and online, in general. Couples are getting more and more creative with the themes, too – 100 points to the underwater shoot couples. Pre-wedding shoots are a trend that’s here to stay, it looks like.

I think there’s something special about engagement shoots. I like the calm, the love, the hope and the promise of companionship and togetherness that radiates!

I particularly like it when they are stripped down to simple background, simple clothes and plenty of focus on the love and chemistry between the couple.

I bookmarked this engagement/pre-wedding shoot back in 2012, and even though we opted not to do a pre-wedding shoot, it is still one of my favourites, today. What do you guys think? I know some of you may be eyeing up her hair, but for a naturalista like me, the fullness is goals, lol.

More pictures below.


pre-wedding shoot


Did you have or do you plan to have an engagement shoot before your wedding day? What was the theme?   Please share links or Instagram hashtags of shoots you’ve seen and loved, I would love to see.


ps: the couple were real, but not engaged (at the time, anyway). They posed for a photography workshop.

pss: newly wed? check out this analysis of marriage.

(Photos by Jose Villa for OnceWed).

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