Breastfeeding Mums share: 10 Best Tips to Boost Supply

Another day, another breastfeeding post!

I am not in new baby phase yet, but…

I am taking these posts as part of my steps for preparing for breastfeeding baby#2.

If you just want 3 key tips for boosting supply, scroll all the way down and you will see them in bold and uppercase. If you have a few more minutes, let’s go…!

By the way, I wanted to say to someone who may have read this somewhere, recently. I saw this tip in a Nigerian newspaper in August, so I know it is is out there. You do NOT need to rub, rough up or massage your nipples while pregnant, to prepare them for breastfeeding or boost your supply. It is not necessary and has not been proven to be beneficial.

Five things to do in preparation for breastfeeding (by the experts at kellymom):

1.Read Read and read up some more about breastfeeding.

Latch, tongue-tie, and tips. Watch videos online to see different Mum’s breastfeeding positioning. Look out for Mums literarily holding a piece of the breast between two fingers, with nipple and areola sticking out and pushing it inside baby’s mouth – ensuring both nipple and outer area (areola) go in.

2. Put baby on the breast as soon as possible, after birth.

Once initial checks, weighting, wipe down is done and baby is deemed well, put your baby to your breast. If you want to watch something cool, put baby on your stomach and watch him or her ‘crawl’ up to your breast (it’s a newborn reflex!).

3. In those early days, try to keep baby as close to you as possible.

Yes this is permission to be someone who snuggle and hold baby as much as you like. Let those around you help and support by doing other tasks such as burping, changing baby, cleaning, cooking. If you feel strong enough have baby close to you, as often as you can.

4. Feed baby on demand.

This just means as often as baby asks for the breast, you give them milk. It’s hard to know in the beginning what each cry means, but with elimination, you will learn to judge over time (to some degree). It is not a perfect science. I found that even with months, I did not know with hundred percent certainty whether it was hunger or not – plenty of trial and error ensued.

5. Get help with your latch and positioning before you feel you need it.

Once you start breastfeeding, show a lactation consultant in hospital or midwife how you’re breastfeeding. Tell them to please correct. Don’t get shy oh, let them touch you if they want. (I added this final point based on my experience, the experts point only to the top four).

If you do these things listed above you should, I said should oh – you should find that your milk supply is flowing and adequate for you baby. If you are finding you need help with boosting supply or wish to know how one could do that.. check out the tips below.

Health & fitness experts Shredder Gang (@shreddergang), recently asked Mums on Instagram what helped their supply. I have tried to put together a list of the answers that came up most frequently. This one is not research backed – purely based on what mums say helped them.

10 tips for boosting your milk supply by REAL Mums

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Lactation tea
  3. Fenugreek capsules (also mentions of fenugreek seed or oil)
  4. Don’t stress, Rest! – production starts from the brain lol
  5. Lactation cookies
  6. Pap/akamu/ogi
  7. Oatmeal
  8. Breastfeed or pump every few hours
  9. Tiger nuts
  10. Tea

And that’s the list!

By far, the most common of the ten are the three below, so if you only want to try a few OR want to know where;s best to start:



I wanted to add this for that Mum who just couldnt get her milk flowing or breastfeeding going successfully. It was not your fault. You did the best you could! You may try again for next baby, if you choose, but you know what, if you don’t want to, that’s OK, too. Fed is best, above all else.


Do you agree with this list? What would you add, please share with us below.


ps: image source Instagram @theeducatedbirth.

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