Self-care is Important for Mums – this Funny Video Explains Why

Self-care is really a ‘thing’.

I have  found, these last couple of weeks (post partum & parenting two kids), that being well-fed and rested, as best I can, gives me that extra energy and drive to do what needs done during the day. It keeps me feeling like me Рwhich is a great feeling, most days. lol.

As a mum it’s so easy to reach our limits and not realise until we’re completely exhausted.

Taking time out for yourself is even more important during the busy holiday season. This is typically a time when many Mums are doing the most – hosting guests, cooking and tidying/cleaning, traveling, round-the-clock child care etc. Basically, taking care of this, that and the other.

Kristina Kuzmic, in this hilarious video, shares on why it is just as important, to take care of YOU, ¬†during the holidays or at any other time. Watch below…


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