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Welcome to the mummyfix circle. If you love kids, are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant or have a child between 0 to 5 years old… I think you’ll find something of interest to you here.

I’m an imperfect young Nigerian mum (one 3 year old and a baby on the way), who loves sharing my experiences and hearing how other mums are getting on, too – what works for you, what doesn’t, what do you find easy or difficult? From breastfeeding, palm oil bath (?), potty training, sleep, to positive discipline, play & toys at home, and preparing baby for a new sibling, all while trying to still have a life beyond the babies – let’s talk!

If you’re looking for a perfect mum who has it all together, eh, that’s not me. I don’t  believe there’s only one way to do parenting. I am figuring out a lot of things (sometimes I find the info out there is just not correct), and very open to learning and learning fast. I like to write and read a lot to find the research backed answers. I don’t mind talking about the difficult, not-so-lovely parts of mummy-life, we have to take the happy, with the difficult right?

Without going on and on here, let’s talk!

ps I realise I haven’t told you much about myself, my background, current job etc. I dot these in the stories shared – please follow the black post titles as your curiosity leads.

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