The Baby List

Are you pregnant and figuring out what products to buy, how many clothing items/bottles/change products you will need, and what brands were trusted?

Do you only want to buy the things that are absolutely necessary?

We have studied online reviews, asked mums many questions and learnt from our purchase mistakes, so that you don’t have to!

Request a copy of our amazing baby shopping list with the essentials and options for one or two extras that you may choose to buy.

If you’ve already started shopping, use this list to measure how far you’ve gotten and what items you may be missing.

Grab a copy per instructions below and send this link to your pregnant friends so they can get theirs, too.

This FREE guide will offer you:

  1. A list of the essential products
  2. A list of products that are good value – one product but multiple uses
  3. Products that will make things easier for you in those first few weeks – whether you’re recovering form a c-section or natural birth.


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