Hey Mums Hey!

After I going through the new mum/new parenting phase, as a JJC first time mum, I got thinking. Hm, there has to be an easier way to find information on some of these baby stages.

A short checklist with tips & products that work best and those to avoid, maybe?  I would only need to tailor the list to suit mine & baby’s needs. Something like that would have been useful. Look no more!

Below you’ll find FREE downloadable guides. I have written these with the help of trusted parenting sources and based on Mum’s experiences, too. The guides cover some of the big topics you go through during your little one’s first years.

I hope they make things easier for you.

Mummy-to-be? Use this Essentials Baby List for your Shopping.

Buy the essentials and a few extras beyond that, if you choose. Buy the right amount of clothing items/bottles/change products. Learn a few of the trusted brands. Buy products that will serve multiple purposes, where you can. Learn how to with this guide.

Mummy-to-be? Use this Checklist to Pack your Hospital Bag.

Are you counting down to baby’s arrival? Want to ensure you pack all the essential items for your stay at the hospital, both for you and for baby. If Dad will be supporting you during the birth (fingers crossed), find out what to pack for him too. Get the full list, with this guide.

Is baby Ready for Solid foods? Use this Checklist to Find Out.

Is your baby less than six months old? Is baby showing signs of interest in real food? Are you wondering when the right time is to begin solid foods? There are many inaccurate lists out there – don’t fall for them! Find a list of the developmental signs to look for, here.

Are you Wondering how to Introduce Solid Foods? Use this Guide to Begin.

Is your baby six months old and/or developmentally ready for solid foods? Do you want to give baby healthy and homemade meals, where possible? Learn nutritious first foods to give baby, using this guide.