CPR Video for Drowning in a Baby; Knowledge Gained could Save a Life

If like me, you woke up to some sad news about accidental drowning of a 13 month old here in Lagos, this might be of interest to you.

This video clip is something every parent/care-giver should watch. It’s three minutes containing information that could save a life!

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What to do if baby is drowning

For more information on safeguards relating to accidental drowning, please read on:

I woke up to the saddest story this morning. Drowning. 13 month old. Shock, horror and heartbreak. As a Parent, I cannot imagine the anguish the family is going through right now. What info should we have on preventing this, and another parent’s pain relating to drowning? I went to read up:

Please note:

❌Accidental drowning most commonly happens in a home swimming pool, but… it can happen in a bathtub, paddle pool, toilet bowl or even bucket of water.

🔵Real drowning is silent and quick, which is not what the films show us. People and especially babies won’t wave their hands, they’ll try to push up on the water and that might look like playing to those outside the pool.

✔️ Give your child swimming lessons, especially if they live near water or you have a pool at home or they regularly visit somewhere that does. But even if is a child knows how to swim it many not prevent them from drowning.

✔️ Have four-sided fencing around a pool with a self closing and self latching gate. Shouldn’t be easy to climb over the fence.

✔️ Learn CPR there’s a video here, but also consider taking a course with live demonstrations.

✔️ Floaties -OK but life jackets are even better to be used on little ones, but still watch the kids, because they may take them off and jump back into the water, or get tangled in them or they could pinvture

❤️Watch children very carefully when they’re in water and avoid distractions. Touch supervision is recommended, meaning someone should be within arms reach of the child, with full focus on the child. If you need to do something, take the kids out. Never let children swim alone.

My thoughts and prayers are with the parents and family. And It cannot be emphasized enough, this drowning incident could have happened to anyone, anyone. Not a single word of blame should go out to the family, who must already be struggling with their grief and guilt.

Do watch this video, share with others and equip yourself and others with this vital knowledge, as you commiserate with the family.